Tash Oakley thanks salad for her hot bod

Aletha Wilkinson/Jennifer Fletcher

Natasha Oakley has carved a lucrative niche for herself as an Instagram bikini model.

She's also been busted numerous times using filters and photo-editing tools to make herself look as flawless as possible in her posts – and last year, she finally admitted as much.

Looking amazing as always. Source: Instagram/tashoakley

Now, though, it seems she prefers to credit high-intensity interval training, yoga and clean eating for her bodacious bikini bod.

"I crave salads and vegetables. I'll have a healthy breakfast, a salad for lunch and fish and vegetables for dinner," she told the Sydney Morning Herald.

"I work out three or four times a week with high-intensity training: yoga if I'm in Bali or Miami; paddle-boarding and surfing in Hawaii."

Tash pulling a classic yoga pose. Source: Instagram/tashoakley
Add horseriding to the list of fitness activities! Source: Instagram/tashoakley

Until last year, speculation had run rampant that the bikini blogger airbrushed her Instagram pics.

In 2016, she finally came clean, admitting she sometimes edits her snaps.

Tash Oakley admits to photoshopping her Instagram pics. Source: Instagram/tashoakley

“'I think that everyone is doing that (retouching) because of what they see in the media,” she told the Daily Telegraph.

“I think with the general population are just trying to follow exactly what they see with pictures being edited.”

Tash says she's not the only one airbrushing her pics. Source: Instagram/tashoakley
Tash says she did it to feel good about herself. Source: Instagram/tashoakley

But Tash says she didn’t mean to deceive her fans, she did it to feel better about herself.

“I’m human and a natural curvy woman," she added. "But for me, it’s really more about feeling good in myself, and healthy and fit."

If you’ve been living under a rock and aren’t sure who Tash is, she’s the Aussie model who launched the blog A Bikini a Day with Devin back in 2012.

Pap pics of Tash Oakley's untouched body. Source: Splash

Fast forward a few years to 1.8 million Instagram followers and a successful swimwear company later, the bikini blogger says she knows what works when it comes to rocking the right bikini for your shape.

Tash is an outspoken advocate for body love and making sure women feel comfortable no matter what size they are. Photo: Instagram/tashoakley

“I for one love my body, I work hard, I live a healthy lifestyle and proud of what I see in these photos,” Tash wrote on her Instagram last year.

“All women should feel this way and should feel free and happy within their own lives.”

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