Taste Test: Arnotts x Gelato Messina Chill Me Tim Tam

Sponsored by Arnott's Tim Tam

Despite the fact that it's now technically autumn, Australia's fierce heat is raging on, and our love affair with Arnotts x Gelato Messina Chill Me Tim Tam range is still going strong. We decided to give ourselves an excuse to eat more, and open a few packets in the name of research.

Now, after some serious science-based investigation (also referred to as sitting around the meeting room table with a pot of tea), we've reached the following conclusions.

First, the originals. Tim Tam Original are a classic. A delicious, delicious classic. They're the MVP with a cup of tea and they were just made for slamming, which makes them the perfect introduction to the world of Tim Tam biscuits. We will never, ever get sick of Tim Tam Original, but we're always open to another Gelato Messina collab, which brings us to…

Chill Me Tim Tam Iced Coffee flavour. For all you coffee fiends out there, this is a dream combination of the original Tim Tam, and the Messina cabinet stalwart, coffee gelato. They smell amazing, and are smooth enough to entice even the non-coffee drinkers among us. They still go great with a cuppa, but we'll be having ours with our mid-morning java instead. Coffee on coffee - why not?

Not convinced by Iced Coffee? The Chill Me Tim Tam Choc Cherry Coconut flavour, based on Messina's 1985 gelato, has proved itself very popular. It's a bit of a change from your standard Tim Tam, and there's a lot going on flavour-wise as your tastebuds move from dark chocolate biscuit, to creamy cherry and coconut filling, but the consensus is that this one should stick around for a while.

A flavour that's a bit more divisive is the Chill Me Tim Tams Choc Turkish Delight. Messina dug into their specials archive and pulled out Persian Rocky Road for the inspo for this one, and if you were a fan of the gelato, you'll love the Tim Tam. It's sweet and milk chocolatey and tastes like real Turkish Delight. Yum.

Now, since we live in Australia and therefore exist in a kind of hellish heatwave for about six months of every year, we keep our Tim Tam biscuits in the fridge anyway (and if you don't, what kind of monster are you?) but the Chill Me Tim Tams have given us even more reason to chuck them in the fridge.

The packaging is infused with some kind of wizardry that changes colour from white to blue as the biscuits get colder. This means you know exactly when your biscuits have reached ideal consumption temperature - no more of the unscientific guessing of yesteryear!

We hope our scientific analysis of the Tim Tam Chill Me range has provided you with enough information to make an informed decision on which flavour is right for you. If it hasn't, just chuck a packet of each in the fridge and run your own tests. All in the name of research, of course.

Have you tried the new Tim Tam Chill Me range? Check out www.arnotts.com.au to find out more about their amazing Tim Tam X Gelato Messina flavours that you can share with friends and family!