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An "emotionally disturbed" man has been detained at Taylor Swift's home.

The 'Shake It Off' singer wasn't at home when the unnamed person showed up on the doorstep of her New York City home on Tuesday , but her security staff found the would-be intruder and called police, who arrived at the Tribeca property at around 6pm.

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NYPD and NYFD officers described the man as "disoriented" as he was handcuffed, while video posted on TMZ showed he had a duffel bag, and police searched his belongings.

The man standing and talking to police. Source: TMZ
The man being led away by police. Source: TMZ

Sources told the website the guy was "emotionally disturbed" and he was taken to hospital for evaluation.

It is unclear if he made any threats of gained access to her home, but so far he hasn't been booked for any crime.

Taylor Swift. Photo: Getty Images.

This isn't the first time the 26-year-old singer - who is dating Calvin Harris - has had problems with unwanted visitors.

In February, police were called after an unnamed man was "yelling" for her to come out of her Bel Air estate, prompting neighbours to call 911 for assistance.

He was taken away for medical observation and later released without charge.

It is not known if Taylor was at home during the incident.

Two weeks before that, a man was apprehended at another of her homes and, after being questioned by police, was also sent for medical evaluation.

The Bad Blood hitmaker had been forced to secure restraining orders against a number of stalkers in the past.

Timothy Sweet was ordered to stay away from her and her parents, Andrea and Scott, for three years in March 2014 after he sent her dozens of emails, letters and social media posts declaring his love for her.

He also allegedly threatened to "kill any man," including US Secretary of State John Kerry, who came between him and Taylor, as he believed he and the singer were married.

Christian Ewing was arrested and charged after being taken down by four of the 'Blank Space' singer's bodyguards when he snuck into her concert at Petco Park in San Diego, California last year and jumped up on stage alongside the star.

Although he was eventually dragged away, one member of Taylor's team is believed to have suffered a broken rib during the incident.

District Attorney Jessica Coto said in court that when asked why he went on stage, he said, "I love that girl".

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