Teacher's killer revenge body after hubby abandons her

Bianca Soldani

Nothing says “screw you” quite like bouncing back from a breakup with a killer new look and lease on life.

And 33-year-old teacher Jennifer Velardi, did so in a big way after she lost a massive 45kg when her husband deserted her.

They’d been married for five years when he flew to the Dominican Republic to visit his family, and literally decided to never come back.

Jennifer's husband suddenly left her, which she describes as a 'slap in the face'. Photo: Caters

It was a catalyst moment for Jennifer, and she decided to kick start a healthier lifestyle, swapping junk food for protein and vegetables.

Now she’s a trim 61kg and following two skin removal ops, has transformed into a toned fitness guru.

Jennifer, from Toronto, Canada, was a self-confessed comfort eater, and it sadly started as a child when she learnt to use food as an emotional crutch to cope with her mum's mental health problems.

"My mother suffered from severe depression. It was a very difficult time,” she said.

"I worried about her all the time and kept her very close to me. I ate a lot to quiet my fears and anxieties.”

Eleven months after Jennifer got married, her mum took her own life.

"This was an event that left me feeling like I was broken beyond repair,” she said.

"I began eating even more. I was trying to fill the emptiness that I felt inside and tried to stifle all the pain I was feeling.

"I slept all the time and didn't exercise at all. My weight reached an all-time high and I didn't even care. I let myself go for three years."

Instead of supporting his grieving wife, her husband of three years began to withdraw from the relationship.

"Our marriage was very rocky,” Jennifer reflects.

She dropped over 45kgs! Photo: Caters

"I was going through a very emotional time. I wasn't always easy. I was depressed.

"As my weight continued to steadily increase from the stress, it got worse and worse between us.”

While she tried to start losing weight, Jennifer found her husband unsupportive, saying, “He would tell me to stop buying 'rabbit food'.

"When I asked him to go for a walk with me, he would laugh and tell me to go on my own.”

But when Jennifer thought it couldn't get any worse, her husband abandoned her.

"On the day I was to pick him up at the airport, I received an email from him instead stating that he would not be returning.

"It was sort of like a slap in the face to me and woke me up from the emotional coma that I was in after my mum passed.”

Jennifer started by ditching junk food and soda, as well as cutting back on portions. She began adding exercise by walking, then jogging and now weight training.
In 2016, she had abdominoplasty and a brachioplasty and is scheduled for thighplasty next month.

She reckons the process has given her a completely new lease on life, and importantly, she thinks her mum would be so proud.

"I think my mum would be really proud of the fact that I have finally taken control of my health; mind, body, and soul. Her greatest wish was to see me happy.”

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