Irwin family celebrate Steve Irwin Day

Amy Stevenson

It's been over a decade since his sad and unexpected death, but Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin continue to share patriarch Steve Irwin's legacy.

Celebrating the life of legendary Crocodile Hunter on Steve Irwin Day, the family spoke of remembering their dad and husband and what they do to keep his message alive today.

"I think that Steve would be so excited, not necessarily because he was remembered, he would say to me "I do not care if I am remembered as long as my message is", so we are doing both," Terri told Sunrise on Wednesday morning. "We carry on as though he were still here and we treasure everything he stood for and carrying on with his important legacy."

The Irwins celebrated Steve Irwin Day at Australia Zoo. Source: Instagram

"I think it is true of anybody is great journey, you do have a choice, you can kind of curl up in the corner or do what you would have wanted you to be healthy and happy and carrying on with what you are passionate about," she added.

"Conservation work really is and what we do, is really more who we are. I am proud to be carrying on where Steve left off and I do miss him every day. Today is a wonderful celebration and I am really enjoying it."

Bindi also took to social media to honour her late father, sharing an emotional post alongside an adorable photo of the pair from when she was younger.

The family lost Steve in 2006. Source: Instagram
Bindi shared an adorable post about her dad. Source: Instagram

"November 15. Steve Irwin Day. Today we remember all that Dad achieved for wildlife and wild places around the world," Bindi started the posts. "He taught me that we must all treat animals the way we wish to be treated."

"I think that his advice applies to both animals and people. In order to protect our planet, we must first learn to be kind in every part of life. If we are able to show kindness for each other we can be kind to our wildlife and in turn, our planet.

Gone but never forgotten! Source: Instagram

"I strive to encourage people to remember that conservation is not only about the cute and cuddly creatures, but also our crocodilians, snakes and sharks. We are all connected in some way."

Happy Steve Irwin Day!

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