"That’s not pizza!": Italians show their disdain for Pizza Hut

Michelle Ruzzene

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Think of Italy and one of the first things that springs to mind is pizza.

The Italians are renowned worldwide as being the original pizza makers and for their ties to traditional recipes.

So what happens when Pizza Hut asks a bunch of elderly nonnas and nonnos in Sorrento what they think to their latest range?

Unsurprisingly, they are not impressed.

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Their hilarious reactions are captured on video as part of the pizza chain’s latest ad campaign.

“This is not pizza,” cries one bemused lady, while another one struggles to pronounce the spicy sauce name sriracha.

The inclusion of a salted pretzel crust throws a spanner in the works for one pensioner, who can’t believe what she’s hearing.

The senior citizens eventually try the new pizza flavours.

Although they seem to palette some of the flavours, the general consensus is that Pizza Hut’s latest range is definitely not pizza.

The campaign is supposed to show how Pizza Hut is adapting to modern tastes and flavours, but the narrator knows, at least for these folk, “tradition is king, change is bad”.

Napoli pizza
Anchovy pizza
Barbecue chicken pizza