Elise afraid Bachelor Matty J ‘might not be genuine’

Olivia Morris

The highly anticipated Bachelor finale is just around the corner and fans are on the edge of their seats to see who Matty J choses as his number one girl.

Now the “dark horse” of the series, Elise Stacy, has opened up saying she fears Matty J’s intentions “might not be genuine” and she is afraid of getting her heart broken just like he did on The Bachelorette when he was dumped by Georgia Love.

Elise has admitted that she fears Matty J
Elise is one of the three finalists in The Bachelor and will be going up against Tara and Laura to win Matty J's heart. Source: Channel 10

Speaking with Confidential, Elise said: “That’s my biggest fear going through this – that he might not be genuine in the things that he is saying and that this process might not be genuine.”

As one of the final three girls Elise will be going up against Tara Pavlovic and Laura Byrne to win Matty’s heart but said she “would hate have the wool pulled over [her] eyes” and that “would be the biggest defeat for [her]”.

Elise doesn't

The 29-year-old is also afraid of being put in the same position Matty himself was in last year and admitted “that could very much be the position that I find myself in”.

Georgia Love tore Matty’s heart in half and nearly made him throw up on The Bachelorette after she confessed that she was in love with Lee Elliott.

Georgia Love broke Matty J's heart on The Bachelorette last year. Source: Channel Ten

It unfortunately seems Elise may be gearing up to get her heart broken as Laura has been dubbed the winner of the series and she herself recently admitted that Matty definitely has her heart.

Having made it into the top four, the 31-year-old revealed Matty’s visit to her family and hometown sealed the deal for her.

Laura is the hot favourite to win this year's Bachelor. Source: Instagram / Channel 10

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“Absolutely,” Laura told news.com.au when asked whether she was in love with him.

“It was definitely during the hometown visits, having him there with my family, that made it real. My family were so approving and excited and accepts, and just instantly like ‘this guy’s great!’” she told the outlet.

Laura snagged the first kiss of the season from Matty. Source: Channel 10

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