Bachelor’s Tara: ‘I’ve been living a lie’

Olivia Morris

The whole of Australia’s hearts broke last night as we saw Matty J send the amazing Tara Pavlovic home opting to give roses to his top two girls Elise Stacy and Laura Byrne on The Bachelor.

Telling Be exclusively Tara admitted she’s relieved she can finally be “free” now she has been eliminated.

Tara is happy she can finally be

“We finished filming in May. It’s been a long time – I’ve been living a lie!” she told Be.

She added: “I feel so free, I just feel like I can be honest and be like, ‘Yeah I didn’t win! Woohoo!’”

'Yeah I didn't win! Woohoo!' Tara told Be. Source: Channel 10
Despite her totally loveable personality, Matty J sent Tara home last night. Source: Channel 10

After that accidental slip-up on radio yesterday she must be relieved! Be asked her how Channel 10 felt about the blunder.

“Ooh, yeah. A bit of the silent treatment I think. Not good,” Tara admitted.

She told us she was just happy to be herself now saying, “Thank God.”

Australia fell in love with Tara’s distinct personality, candidness and brilliant faces she was able to pull but the 27-year-old did reveal that there was so stuff that she did that was so bad that it didn’t make it to air.

The whole of Australia fell in love with Tara's candid and hilarious personality. Source: Channel 10

“Ooh yeah! So much I can’t even tell you about it though,” she admitted to Be. “I was constantly in trouble on that show. I was the naughty one.”

She also revealed that her comment about not giving a s--t about Matty was “taken out of context as most thing are.”

“I wish him all the best. I do give a s--t about Matty J,” Tara said also adding that she wishes nothing but the best for him.

Tara said she is hoping to explore other aspects of television. Source: Channel 10

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For now, the Queenslander is flying solo and said she “would love to do more television stuff” because of the “positive feedback” she’s received.

We would totally tune in to ANY show Tara was on!

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