The Bachelor: Alex Nation’s baby bump snap uncovered

Yasmin Vought

Life is about to change dramatically for single mum Alex Nation and her reality TV boyfriend Richie Strahan after revealing they’ve found love on The Bachelor.

But first things first, he’s probably going to have to meet her five-year-old son Elijah. Or he could just stalk her Instagram account, like we just did…

From adorable videos of the mum and son duo together to her pregnancy selfie, Alex's account is chockers full of adorable footage.

“I absolutely loved being pregnant,” Alex captioned the snap above. “It was such a special time in my life, carrying my little man.

“Here I was 35 weeks, 5 weeks off meeting Elijah for the very first time.

“I remember being very eager, excited and impatient at this stage! To think you will be three this year Lijey… Where oh where has the time gone?!”

Alex, 32, says she’ll introduce Richie to Elijah once the time is right.

“That will come but we’re not in any kind of rush,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

The Bachelor finale that had us on the edge of our seats last night when Alex Nation was crowned the winner of The Bachelor 2016.

"On that very first night we met, you wrote me a poem,” Richie Strahan told Alex at the final rose ceremony in Bali.

“That poem gave me a glimpse of the type of woman you are... Alex, all I want is someone who is going to be my equal, someone who will push and challenge me. We are so similar, and I like that. And I think living a life with you would be adventurous and fun.

"I have thought about you and I have thought about Elijah. I have thought if I'm man enough to take on that responsibly. And I really feel I am. I love you Alex. Alex, you are the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with!"

Richie and Alex. Source: Channel 10

Richie’s decision shocked the nation, as many viewers were convinced fan favourite Nikki Gogan was going to be the lady left standing!

"You are like no woman I've ever met before. Coming down this adventure, my family gave me some advice. And that advice was to follow my heart. I really hope you understand but my heart is Alex," Richie told Nikki before declaring his feelings for Alex.

Richie had to break Nikki's heart. Source: Channel 10

Of course, the blonde WA-based beauty took his rejection with dignity.

"I've had a great time. I've had a lot of fun,” she told him. “Thank you for everything. I love you a lot and I love you enough to... I wish you all the very best. I thought what we had was special but what you have with Alex must top all of that.”

Nikki was visibly upset later on. Source: Channel 10

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"I don’t have any hard feelings towards Richie,” Nikki later on told the camera. “He’s made the right decision for him and his heart. I hope that all those words he used he meant. I don’t have his heart, that’s all. I don’t regret anything. I know that they’ll be incredibly happy together. I still love Richie so it will take a while to get over that.”

In an interview with Woman's Day, Alex opens up about her experience on the show.

“Meeting Rich… was an absolute pleasure,” she says. “You learn so much about yourself as well. The friendships I’ve made as well, I’ve made friends for life.

“I’ve said to him from the start, that I’m just dying to get a coffee with him! Just the normal day-to-day stuff because I think it is the little things. So that’s what I’m excited for!

Alex can't wait to do 'normal things' with Richie. Source: Channel 10

And when asked how their long distance relationship, with her based in Melbourne and Richie in WA, is going to work, she says: “I’ve said to him there’s no rush with things like that. He said that he doesn’t see the point of pulling little man [her son Elijah] out of school and changing his location.

“I have such a great support network down here. My mum and my ex-husband are amazing. I wouldn’t be able to do all of the things I do without their support. I think it’s looking like it would be more realistic to be in Melbourne.

"I’m certainly not in any hurry to get married again or have any more children. I think those should come when the time is right."

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