Jen proposes Bachelor villain boxing match

Alicia Vrajlal

They weren't even fighting for the same guy on The Bachelor, but TV villains Jen Hawke and Keira Maguire seem to have some unfinished business.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday, Jen, who starred in this season of the reality show, shared a video of herself challenging last year's villain Keira to a boxing match.

Jen says it will take place in three months once her contractual obligations are over, and hopefully it will help the girls put the feud to bed, while raising some money for charity as well.

The Bachelor's Jen Hawke has challenged fellow TV villain Keira Maguire to a boxing match. Source: Channel Ten

"Throwing out the challenge! Keira Maguire has been talking trash since the start of this season, so rather then involve myself in back and fourth verbal sledges - I'm challenging her to a Charity Boxing match in 3 months time (sic)," Jen captioned her social media post.

She continued, "let's see if she will put her money where her mouth is".

Jen explained that initiating this challenge is not just about getting back at Keira, but also sharing a special message with others.

Keira starred in Richie Strahan's season of The Bachelor last year. Source: Channel Ten

"I also think it's important that young girls understand Keira's bullying on social media isn't an acceptable way to deal with things and that sport can be a healthy outlet to deal with an unhealthy person and their behaviour," she said.

"The fact that Keira and I have social profiles is a bonus, as bringing attention to causes and raising funds for charities is something close to my heart!"

In a hilarious twist, Jen revealed that Keira has blocked her on Instagram, so she would appreciate "if somebody wants to let her know".

"The chick I've never contacted - blocked me," she added. "This is a sanctioned boxing match, not a street fight!"

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