Is The Bachelorette's Jarrod Woodgate a fake?

Olivia Morris

Jarrod Woodgate snagged the first single date and first kiss from Sophie Monk on The Bachelorette.

But now his face may get even redder than it was after he changed those tires on the show last week as an insider has branded Jarrod a “hypocrite” to Woman’s Day.

Jarrod Woodgate seems have been telling a few white lies... Source: Channel 10
He scored the first kiss and first solo date with Sophie. Source: Channel 10

According to the publication, the 31-year-old “smoked like a chimney” while in the Bachelorette mansion despite saying he didn’t like cigarettes and was a non-smoker.

The insider added: “He just pretended to not like smoking because it gets such a bad rap.”

However, in attempt to clear his name the Vineyard Manager told the magazine he was simply a “social smoker” and would have a cigarette after he’d knocked back a few beers.

The Vineyard Manager has apparently been keeping his smoking habits a secret. Source: Channel 10

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We wonder if his face is as going as red as this now he's been caught out... Source: Channel 10

The only thing is, if he’s been telling little white lies about his smoking it begs the question: what other lies might have he been telling?

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