The 10 biggest first world problems of 2017 revealed

Sarah Carty

We all constantly complain about having first world problems but now the biggest ones of the year have been revealed.

If you find it infuriating when a hotel doesn’t have WiFi or hit the roof when your avocado hasn’t reach its ripeness potential, then fear not because according to this list, you’re not alone.

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The research was conducted in conjunction with physiologists from Goldsmiths University, who released the data to

The top first world problems of 2017 have been released. Photo: Getty Images

They asked people in their 20’s what they thought their biggest first world problems were and decided to compare them to what people in their 50’s thought their issues were 20 years ago.

Interestingly, back in 1997, the biggest problem faced by those who took part in the study was that they were in a loving and happy relationship.

They also fretted over having enough money to go on holiday and whether their photo films would come back overexposed.

Cutting an avocado open only to find it's not ripe was number 14 on the list. Photo: Getty Images
When public transport is full and you have to stand. Photo: Getty Images

Check out the top 10 biggest first world problems of 2017 below:

  1. Delivery companies not giving you a specific time-slot
  2. Not remembering log-on passwords
  3. Forgetting your phone at home
  4. Hotels that don’t provide free WiFi
  5. .When a video won’t stream and buffers
  6. When public transport is full and you have to stand
  7. Running to get on a train and bus and they shut the door right when you get there
  8. When you leave your umbrella at home and it rains
  9. Having to get out of a warm bed to turn off your lights
  10. Empty bottles left in the fridge

Also featured on the list was when avocados weren't ripe (which came in at number 14) and realising you have no milk in the fridge after you've already boiled the kettle came in at numer 19.

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