The bizarre reason the Queen was warned not to marry Prince Philip

Sarah Carty

In November this year, the Queen and Prince Philip will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary, but if Queen Elizabeth had listened to her advisors, the marriage may never have taken place.

The much-loved monarchs tied the knot in 1947, however the Queen’s biographer, A.N. Wilson, has revealed that she was advised not to marry the Greece-born prince at the time.

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According to Wilson, dignitaries thought the Prince Philip, who was 18 at the time, was too "funny" for Elizabeth, who was a 13-year-old princess at the time.

If royal advisors got their way, the Queen and Prince Philip might never has married. Photo: Getty.

"They said it for lots of reasons, but the fact is he was wrong," Wilson said, according to the Telegraph.

"The Queen is very reserved, diligent person. He isn’t. He was a naval officer and he was also quite funny."

Wilson went on to explain the reasons Prince Phillip is constantly making jokes when he's on official engagements.

The pair were married in 1947. Photo: Getty.

"The fact that he makes all these so-called gaffes, well I don’t think they are gaffes," he said.

"They are the kind of jokes a naval officer of a certain age might make. I think [they are] made rather wonderfully."

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