The bizarre things left behind at Sydney Airport

Kristine Tarbert

Thousands of things from designer clothes, jewellery, phones, iPads and cosmetics are going up for auction this week after being left behind at Sydney Airport.

There are brand new purchases among the goodies that will help raise money for charity, including Aussie souvenirs like boomerangs and koala t-shirts.

Lost property at Sydney Airport is up for auction. Photo: Getty

It’s bizarre what some people have managed to forget, like super expensive designer items from Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Guess and Hugo Boss to name a few.

There is perfume, body wash, make up and skincare products that you would usually spend a pretty penny on.

Designer clothes are often left behind. Photo: Pickles auctions

Jackets and hoodies are among the most popular piece of abandoned clothing, with styles by Alannah Hill, Uniqlo, French Connection, Zara and Country Road up for sale.

For the little ones, there are countless toys like Barbies, fire trucks and puzzles that have been left behind.

Jewellery and phones are also a popular item that is misplaced. Photo: Pickles auctions

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If you’re redecorating, keep an eye out for the homewares, including large paintings, Brett Whiteley and Aquabumps prints, toasters, irons, electronic stovetops with pans and even Ikea shelves.

There are thousands of beauty items including skincare and makeup. Photo: Pickles auctions

Surprisingly even things like guitars and Samsung TVs have been forgotten and are now up for sale.

There are a few bizarre items like nine jars of different types of honey, an American oak wine barrel, a musical jewellery box and a Russian talking doll.

The auction runs this week through Pickles Auctions.

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