Blooming rose ice-creams are taking over Instagram

Allison Yee

Combining three of our great loves: ice cream, Instagram and pretty blooms, a new sweet treat is taking social media by storm – the ice cream rose.

Photo: Instagram/amorinogelato

The brainchild of gelato boutique Amorino, which has stores in the US, Europe and the Middle East, these bright buds have been popping up on Insta-feeds everywhere.

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Best of all, you can easily make one at home, although it will take a little patience (oh no, think of all those failed attempts you'll have to eat...) and a gelato spade.

Photo: Instagram/amorinogelato

Managing director of Amorino UK, Hubert Attali spilled the beans to Stylist on how to create the signature scoop.

“Start by filling the cone with ice cream to about an inch above the base, rounding it off into a ‘bud’ using a circular motion. This forms the foundation for the structure of the rose.”

Photo: Instagram/viakstudio

“Next, take your spade and cut straight through the ice cream and swiftly pull it back towards you. This is the technique for creating the petals and gives them their soft rounded edge.”

“Then, using the spade, mould the petals around the bud of the rose, rotating the cone in the opposite direction as you do so. From there you can add as many layers as you like in as many flavours!”

Photo: Instagram/littlechicfreak

Interestingly, someone who's not a fan of the trend is model Chrissy Teigen, who Tweeted about it this morning!

Photo: Twitter

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