The Byron Bay baker who said 'no' to Chris Hemsworth!

Jennifer Fletcher
Yahoo7 Entertainment

Meet the woman who said 'no' to Chris Hemsworth!

Over the weekend, the Thor actor revealed he had to make a cake for his daughter, India Rose, on her birthday because a baker told him they didn't have time to make one for him.

Tara Pearson said 'no' to Chris Hemsworth. Photo: Instagram

“What happens when the bakery says they don't have time to make your daughter a birthday cake?” he captioned the pic.

And now Mamamia has found the baker in question, Tara Pearson!

"At the pinnacle of a very busy week, a friend tagged me in a post on Facebook: “Tara Pearson to the rescue!” she said. It was a photo of a homemade dinosaur cake posted from Chris Hemsworth’s Instagram account," Tara tells the website.

“That seems vaguely familiar,” I thought. Could I have been that bakery too busy for Chris Hemsworth?

"He does live in the locality and I did turn a few cakes away this week. Nah!"

In the open letter, Tara reveals it suddenly hit her afterwards that Chris, 32, had called her about making a cake, but hadn't revealed who he was.

"Then it hit me. OMG!! It WAS me! I had actually spoken to Chris Hemsworth on the phone and I said “No” to him," she continues.

"Begin the inner turmoil. All those comments plastered all over the internet flashed in my mind like a scene from a movie… “Crazy” “Someone actually told you they couldn’t? lol”, “Don’t have time?

"Pshh do they even know who they are talking to?”. I remembered the phone conversation. It all came flooding back.

"He didn’t say who he was, which I think is wonderful and so refreshing – a celebrity as well known as Chris Hemsworth didn’t play the celeb card. Even when I said no. What a guy! Seriously. Respect."

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