This Cannoli is bigger than your head

Carly Williams

In a world of whacky dessert hybrids (fairy-floss burritos we’re looking at you!), it’s a challenge to stand out.

But it’s hard to go past the classic crunch of a perfectly constructed cream-filled traditional Italian cannoli. And we found a giant one as big as your head!

Is this the biggest cannoli you've ever seen? Photo: Be

Sydney’s Olio Kensington Street is making waves on Instagram for their signature prickly pear pearl and pistachio ice cream cannoli.

Be stepped into the Kensington Street kitchen to witness the making of what we reckon is Australia’s biggest dessert. We’re talking 2.5kg of ricotta cream laced with chocolate flakes, tubs of pistachios and a big ol’ deep-fried espresso wafer.

The Cannoli is filled with 2.5kg of ricotta cream. Mmmmm... cream! Photo: Be
And, yes, the finished result was indeed massive. Photo: Be

Certainly not a dessert for just two people, but could perhaps make a nice chip-and-dip centrepiece at your next party? Check out the video at the top of the article to see how best to tackle this creamy beast.

Olio Street Kensington is renowned for their seafood heavy menu, specialising in fresh pasta dishes. Photo: Be

If you go to Olio to try their epic cannoli you may as well stay to sample the Sicilian menu.

Renowned chef Lino Sauro hails from Sicily and only uses olive oil direct from the family farm back home. This is a place where tradition is key.

Lino’s menu focuses on fresh pasta and seafood. If the cannoli is the showstopper at Olio then their homemade ravioli with king prawns, black truffle and burrata sauce is the pièce de résistance.


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