Have you been stuffing roast chicken the wrong way?

Kristine Tarbert

A mum was preparing a Sunday roast for dinner when she spotted something that made her question how she’d been stuffing chicken her whole life.

Taking to parenting forum Mumsnet, the woman explained that she had just finished preparing the stuffing for her chicken when she spotted a label that read ‘stuff the neck’.

“My policy has always been (at least in my head) 'now you pull its feet out of its a** so you can stuff it'," she wrote online.

A woman asked if she had been stuffing her chicken's wrong? Photo: Getty

"Am I doing this wrong? Or is the end they tuck the feet into the neck end anyway?

Who would have thought figuring out one end of a chicken from the other could be so confusing?

But according to the responses she was not alone in her bottom-ended stuffing either.

“I always thought you shoved the stuffing and a lemon up its nethers,” one person responded.

“I stuff the largest opening, the one where it’s legs are tucked into,” another said.

Should the stuffing go in the neck or bottom end of the chicken? Photo: Getty

Others were quick to jump in and explain that the legs are actually tucked around the neck and that person had in fact been stuffing the correct end the whole time.

The vast majority it seems are dedicated neck-stuffers and the reason why makes perfect sense.

“If you stuff it up the bum the hot air can't circulate as well and there's a risk of undercooking (or having to overcook some bits to get it done all the way through),” one person explained.

“You don't get this problem if you stuff the neck end as the hole doesn't go anywhere so no need for air to circulate.”

The BBC Good Food cookery team confirmed as much when she took people through the correct way to stuff a chicken on their show. And yes it’s through the neck.

For the perfect combo, stuffing goes in the neck, aromatics go in the cavity. Photo: Getty

Although you stuff the cavity with aromatics, such as lemon halves, rosemary, thyme.

“In the past, people did stuff the entire chicken but now we are advised to just stuff the neck ends due to the risk of food poisoning,” someone wrote.

While this advice was all very helpful, the original poster remained a little confused as to how to do it properly.

“But how do you stuff its neck? How? I don’t know where you lot get your chickens from but that’s always seemed to be the shut end.”

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