From Big Brother to blogger: The crazy life of Constance Hall

Kristine Tarbert

She’s the no-holds-barred mummy blogger from Perth who exploded onto the scene two years ago with her complete openness to talk about women's sexuality, the terrors of parenting and female body anxiety.

Constance Hall doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind and give people a good look into what life as a mum-of-six is really like. And while it’s earned her a following of millions, she’s also gained a legion of online trolls.

Her online blog The Not So Secret Life of Us has a huge fan base and her Facebook page alone went from a mere 2000 followers in January 2016 to a huge 1.1 million now.

She’s constantly swamped by positive comments from other parents, including famous ones like Ashton Kutcher. But where did it all start?

Constance Hall has millions of followers online. Photo: Facebook

Who is this mum from WA?

Her current online stardom isn’t the first time this mum has been in the spotlight. Back in 2005 Constance appeared as a contestant on Big Brother Australia.

But if you don’t remember her from your telly, it’s probably because she was booted out after just ten days – her loud mouth and blunt opinion didn’t sit well with people at the time it seems.

Constance appeared on Big Brother in 2005. Photo: Channel Ten

She went back to washing hair as an apprentice hairdresser and faded out of the spotlight until she decided to start her blog just over seven years ago now.

And it’s her blunt and brutal assessment of parenting that has seen the name Constance Hall return to people’s lips.

“When someone shares some fabulous things about parenting I'm like 'My kid just shat on my leg',” she told Fairfax Media.

The mum started her blog over seven years ago. Photo: Instagram

“The people go 'Oh my God, you should be grateful, there are women out there that can't have kids'. You have to feel like you are eternally grateful for having kids.

“Deep down, I love them and I go to bed every night always thinking about how much love them. But we are all allowed to hate the shit we have to do.

“We can hate our jobs so why can't we hate parenting?”

Constance spent time as a hairdresser. Photo:Instagram

Things just grew and grew from there with a post in early 2016 on parental sex getting shared more than 37,000 times and liked over 147,000.

She hilariously wrote about the “3.5 minutes you get in between changing nappies and making food" to have some one-on-one time with your significant other while the kids are "distracted", becoming a global sensation.

Over the past 18 months she’s continued to cause controversy but thanks to her straight-shooting, honest writings about the ups and downs of life with kids, has women everywhere getting crown tattoos – as a node to her calling mums queens.

She's known to push the boundaries like with this photo of her wearing an adult nappy. Photo: Facebook

“When you become a mum and a woman in 2017 it can be really difficult and isolating, and I started blogging a lot about bringing chicks together and supporting each other rather than turning on each other,” she told The Morning Show in March.

Her private life is definitely not private anymore and things got a little ugly when Constance announced her split from husband Bill Mahon, with whom she has four kids, in April.

While her post making the announcement was measured and fair, he soon came out and accused her of cheating which she quickly defended. But that didn’t stop the trolls.

The mum has four children and is expecting her fifth now. Photo: Instagram

“I just have so many haters out there. I have hate groups with 2000 members,” she told Perth Now.

“Recently they have printed out photos and stuck them all over Perth saying, ‘Vote 1 for Constance to be voted a s--- parent’ or something like that. It gets really, really nasty.”

Constance shared her daily struggles online. Photo: Instagram

But despite saying she sometimes feels like hiding in the corner and curling up into a ball, Constance has learnt to take it all in her stride.

She’s posted about her son swearing and was trolled, she shared a lunchbox dilemma with her fans and was slammed for giving her child chocolate milk, she posted an adorable photo of her girl sitting in a shopping trolley and was accused of not buying the right food.

And yet with her online following continuing to grow and a radio show to host Constance shows no signs of slowing down.

Constance and fiancé Denim will soon have seven kids. Photo: Facebook

Things definitely won’t slow down given Constance has just announced she is expecting her fifth child, with her fiancé Denim Cooke, who has two kids of his own.

The couple got engaged shortly after her marriage breakup and have admitted they have no idea how ‘it slipped through’.

Of course she was trolled for this announcement as well but the vast majority of her millions of followers were over the moon.

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