The date you’re most likely to be dumped

Jennifer Fletcher

There’s nothing worse than being dumped on Christmas Day.

Which is why there seems to be a significant number of couples that call it quits just before the big day.

There's a date you're most likely to be dumped. Source: Bridget Jones collected data collected from Facebook posts featuring break-up messages, and it was revealed the date you’re most likely to be dumped is December 11th.

"This time of year can be a huge trigger for many people," clinical social worker and relationship expert Debbi Carberry tells Be.

"Big celebrations can stir up both positive and negative emotions."

Researchers believe the reason this date is so significant is for financial reasons. Source: Getty

Researchers believe the reason this date is so significant is for financial reasons.

Those in new relationships may not want to exchange expensive gifts, or another reason may be about having to spend time with your partner’s family over the festive season.

A similar situation happens in the U.S. ahead of Thanksgiving, and it’s known as the 'Turkey Dump'.

Experts say they also see a similar pattern in relationships breaking up ahead of Valentine’s Day.

"Use your values, honesty, integrity and compassion – if you are ending a relationship at any time – speak with the person face to face," Debbi adds.

"Remember that the other person will probably feel hurt so try to be compassionate and keep it brief."

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The least popular day couples split up is Christmas Day. Source: Getty

Meanwhile, researchers say the least popular day for couples to split is on Christmas Day.

This comes after a relationship expert revealed exactly what type of fights couples have when their relationship is coming to an end.

Sari Cooper, a therapist in New York City, told the Huffington Post one of the first arguments a couple has is usually started by one person saying: “I feel like we’re friends”.

These are the biggest fights couples have before they break up. Photo: Getty.

This is usually about sex, or a lack thereof, and the person who brings it up is most of the time at their wits end with the lack of passion left.

The second fight is the “we should never have gotten together argument.”

According to the experts, this argument usually happens when one or both hang on to a negative memory from the start of the relationship, or the good memories begin to fade.

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