The engagement ring trend no-one asked for

Kristine Tarbert

This is one engagement ring trend that takes expressing your commitment to one another to the extreme.

More and more people are opting to get their diamonds as a piercing on their engagement ring finger, rather than a more traditional option with a band.

That's right - a diamond stud pierced onto your ring finger.

Would you get your engagement ring as a piercing? Photo: Instagram
It could save you money on a band and other embellishments. Photo: Instagram

And while the trend isn't new, it's certainly increasing in popularity with photos being shared on social media sites including Instagram and Pinterest.

"A piercing idea for me and my girlfriend instead of the basic ring idea for an engagement that we're getting in a few weeks," one photo shared on Instagram was captioned.

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According to Wedding Wire, some of the top engagement ring trends for this year include oval rings, rose gold, even coloured gemstones.

But piercings are definitely not on the list.

More people are sharing photos of their pierced 'rings' on social media. Photo: Instagram

Although we can see one benefit to the choice - you certainly wouldn't be able to lose it easily - it honestly just looks like it would be painful.

Even men are getting a piercing to mark the occasion - following on from the recent increase in man-gagement rings in general.

Honestly... it just looks painful. Photo: Pinterest

The trend has really taken off in the last few years, thanks to celebrities like Ed Sheeran sporting their version of a man-gagement ring.

According to a survey by XO Group Inc, five percent of engaged men are wearing man-gagement rings. And that was a few years ago; the number has probably increased since then, especially as influential people join in on the trend.

“There’s a levelling of the playing field,” Jane Greer, New York-based marriage and sex therapist told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“Women are exercising more choice and control in their lives. They don’t have to wait for the man to propose and stay stuck in this limbo, not knowing if or when it’s going to happen."

Whether we would follow this trend though - yeah, not sure.

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