The first thing flight attendants notice about you

Sarah Carty

If you’ve ever boarded a flight and wondered why a handful of flight attendants are always huddled at the door, then here’s the answer.

A new thread on Quora has revealed that there’s a long list of things cabin crew look for when a person hands them their boarding pass and it’s not just as simple as making sure it matches their I.D.

“What do flight attendants notice about passengers as they board the plane?” an unnamed person asked on the site.

Flight attendants have revealed what they notice about you when you board a plane. Photo: Getty

Hosties took to the thread to reveal the bizarre things they check when you walk up those steps.

Myriam Mimi, a flight attendant since 1994, said she always makes sure a passenger isn’t drunk or on drugs.

“That is extremely important as if I have the possibility to avoid any kind of troubles over the Atlantic, then I address it on ground,” she said.

“I say hello, welcome on board… and listen to how they respond.

“A lot of people are just rude and ignore me, but when they do answer, it gives me an indication of their well-being.”

Another flight attendant said letting an inebriated person board a flight could not only be annoying for passengers but could also hinder a possible emergency evacuation.

Hosties notice if your bulky, have a disability or you're inebriated. Photo: Getty

“In the event we may need to evacuate the aircraft, the goal is to do so in 90 seconds, and I don't want to unnecessarily risk my life or the life of others because a drunk or high person is being uncooperative,” a hostie called Amar Rama said.

The same flight attendant said she also keep an eye out for someone who has a serious medical condition or is in a wheelchair.

“We would much rather it be taken care of on the ground where you have access to a doctor/hospital than a medical emergency at 35,000 feet where we are limited to what we can do for you medically,” the attendant said.

“If we have passengers who are in need of a wheelchair, deaf, blind, a child traveling alone, or another reason they may require extra assistance during an emergency. We make a mental note of this. This way, if anything were to happen, I want to make sure they are not left behind.”

If you have a massive bag, flight attendant usually notice you immediately. Photo: Getty

If you have a massive bag, it turns out flight attendants aren’t looking to make you pay more, they’re ensuring nobody get hurts by it.

“If you cannot lift your own bag, we are not allowed to do it for you as this could cause an injury to the flight attendant,” the flight attendant said.

Cabin crew also make sure they take note of children traveling on their own and bulky people who they could sit next to the emergency exit.

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