The Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Lake Como

Tracy Fitzgerald

While the Grand Hotel Tremezzo is not to be confused with the Grand Budapest Hotel, from the outside it would be easy to do so – both are equally as movie-worthy and equally as impressive.

The Grand Tremezzo sits on the Lake Como in Leggio commanding the coastline in the most magnificent way. Steep stone staircases lead up to the main entrance on each side of the hotel’s outside façade. It’s a distinguished look to say the least. In the middle of these staircases sits a glass elevator that does the same job (most guests choosing this as the premier option) and it is equally as lavish. Who doesn’t want to enter their hotel via a glass elevator?

The reception area is almost like the entrance to a grand ballroom – plush furnishings, deep vivid colours and a lolly stand with large glass bowls filled with all kinds of delights sits under yet another magnificent stairway. To the left and right are even more manor-like rooms – one with a bar and dining area and the other the restaurant. The restaurant alone is as impressive as the hotel and it is here that world-leading chef Gualtiero Marchesi has a say over the menu. He has been referred to as the grandfather of Italian cuisine and you can’t really get better than that.

The dining area where people go for breakfast had to be my favourite spot in the entire hotel. I would stay at Gran Tremezzo for the morning time alone. The staff are chirpy as if they feel the same way It’s hard not to be when you watch the sunrise across Lake Como from floor to ceiling windows each day. The spread of food is the most impressive I have ever seen in a hotel. Several large ballroom-style tables fill the space, each with a dedicated spread of cheeses, meats, hot food, jams, breads and juices. There’s even a place to make mimosas, which obviously goes down very well indeed.

Not hard to be happy with this sunrise every day. Photo: Tracy Fitzgerald

While the hotel building itself is enough to command a loyal following of guests who return each year the grounds that sit behind the building are an additional bonus. Sloping upwards away from the lake – so each area still has a world-class view – there are tennis courts, a swimming pool (second to the infinity pool that actually sits IN the lake itself at the front), a gym, a garden to stroll around and a fountain. There’s so much space you could waste a day in the hotel grounds alone playing tennis, relaxing and taking in the beautiful weather.

The famous Lake Como. Photo: Tracy Fitzgerald

I stayed during the quieter season but that didn’t seem to affect the way the hotel was run. It certainly seemed a little quieter than I was expecting, but to be honest, I preferred it this way. Taking walks from the hotel alongside the lake and discovering small little cafes and restaurants was a treat in low season – everywhere had place and were beyond welcoming. And there’s not really any chance of getting lost when you’re staying in such a grand hotel – everyone knows of it.

The hotel also has its own boat (a birthday present to itself) that it charters to guests but if you’re not feeling flush the jetty for the public boat is just outside. From here you can town hop across the lake and back, an absolutely great way to see the Lake Como surrounds.

The rooms in the Grand Hotel Tremezzo are a little bit on the small side but this is to be expected of the area in general and what they lack in space they more than make up for in quality. The beds are exquisite, the furnishings light yet luxuriously upholstered and the bathrooms are made up of floor to ceiling marble. The front facing rooms have little balconies to rest on, which are an absolutely stunning place to sit with a glass of wine and a book while your eyes relax into the distance.

I was here for two nights in early November which meant the weather was quite fresh. It wasn’t cold but certainly getting there. I would however, go back during this time as it felt like such a private stay and felt even more rejuvenating that I image a peak season stay would.

Lakeside. Photo: Tracy Fitzgerald

If you’re in need of relaxing then The Grand Tremezzo is a wonderful idea – just save up a few euros to use the spa. It’s an expensive but decadent experience and most certainly worth it. Definitely a nice idea if you’re celebrating something. A great place for couples (which is what I travelled as) but I would actually come back here alone – I don’t think I have been anywhere that has made me feel quite so chilled.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo
Via Provinciale Regina, 8, 22019 Tremezzo CO, Italy
+39 0344 42491

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