The 'illegal' words Aussie sex workers aren't allowed to use

Eliza Velk

When it comes to sex workers we knew there were boundaries that they don't cross, but did you realises there are actually some words that they can't use at all?

It's true, some words are now officially illegal for sex workers in Australia.

Queensland is one state that has dramatically cracked down on 'advertising regulations' for sex workers, detailing an extensive, and borderline pervasive, list of words that are illegal to say to potential clients.

There is a very fine line of words you can and can't use when it comes to advertising as a sex worker. Source: Getty

Even seemingly harmless words such as, 'natural,' 'tasty,' 'kissable' and 'sweet nectar' used in an ad could get them arrested.

While words like, 'magic hands,' 'dominatrix,' 'exotic relaxation' and 'man action,' are all in the clear under Prostitution Licensing Authority - which are not all that enticing if you ask me.

Words describing bodily fluids are not allowed in Queensland. Source: Getty

“Advertisements describing or referring to body fluids or body waste are not permitted,” the PLA states.

So that essentially rules out words like, "tasty, juicy, dripping wet, cum, lactating, pee etc".

Sex workers also have to be careful of what they call themselves, for example, 'Mistress Squirt A Lot' - not allowed, and references to nationality like, 'Greek Goddess,' 'Spanish Beauty,' or 'Asian Stunner' are only allowed if they refer to legitimate nationality of the sex worker.

This fine line for word choice has often made it difficult for those who speak English as a second language to distinguish what is allowed and what isn't.

They also have to be careful when offering their services and listing tools: Saying oral sex is on offer is prohibited, but of course they're totally cool when you specifically say you don't offer it.

“The ad regulations are so nutty in Queensland that they don’t make sense,” said Jules Kim, the head of the Scarlet Alliance, the peak body representing Australia’s 20,000 sex workers.

They also have to be careful when offering their services and tools they use. Source: Getty

Similarly the only description of genitalia permissible is whether a male has been circumcised, which is allowed as either 'cut' or 'uncut'.

The general rules stem from the Prostitution Act 1999, however Queensland government in particular are very tight when it comes to the red light industry and even ban sex workers from being able to work in pairs - having a receptionist is most often illegal.

A PLA spokesman told the guidelines, “Exist to limit the impact of prostitution on the community and to moderate for reasonable community standards”.

Sex work is legal in Australia with the except of South Australia but the regulations vary immensely between states.

These regulations vary between states and while Queensland is very strict, NSW is far more chilled. Source: Getty

As such, NSW laws are much lighter with only limited restrictions on advertising.

In NSW sex workers are also able to work from brothels, from hotels or homes, on their own or in groups.

So basically the take away from this is, if you want to be a sex worker consider moving to somewhere like New South Wales, where the rules are a lot more chill.

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