The insane perks of being an Emirates flight attendant

Sarah Carty

Emirates is known for being one of the most luxurious airplane carries in the world, so it's only right their staff should be some of the best-treated flight attendants in the skies.

Not only do Emirates planes boast a bar and an in-flight shower spa, but they also have more in-flight entertainment channels than any other airline and you're guaranteed in-seat power outlets.

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If you're thinking that the airline's signature luxurious treatment of passengers also continues to trickle right down to their staff, then you would be right, as there's a whole list of perks you get when you sign up to be an Emirates flight attendant.

There are many perks to being an Emirates flight attendant. Photo: Getty.

According to a post on, over 200,000 people apply to work for Emirates every year and only 5,000 generally make the cut.

For the chosen few, they are expected to perform their job to the highest standard, all while working extremely long hours across different continents and for the majority of people that also means leaving their home and family behind.

However one of the perks of the job is relocating to Dubai, where staff are given free housing in one of the company's 60 housing buildings.

Not only do they have a pretty sweet office but Emirates attendants also get free accommodation in Dubai. Photo: Getty.

Staff are usually given a room on their own, however they generally have a housemate.

For those who have a family, they are given an allowance from Emirates for whatever house they have chosen to live in.

In Dubai, they are also given a card which gives them access to 100 dining, retail, hotel, and leisure outlets in Dubai and the rest of the U.A.E.

Along with this, they are also get access to beaches, gyms, sporting events and even free food and drink in certain locations around Dubai.

Another perk is that they are put through a vigorous training system, which also includes a whole beauty school.

During their seven-week training programme, they learn everything from how to apply foundation to the bright red headdress with the white scarf and their signature red lipstick.

The flight attendants also get a tax-free salary. Photo: Getty.

There's also a fixed “professional allowance” which we take to mean keeping up their appearance with teeth whitening, manicures and hair appointments.

And while they inevitably get to travel around the world, it turns out they can also pick their own work schedule, meaning they are able to swap countries with other staff if they feel like visiting a certain place or even head home for a night.

Along with this, they also get chauffeur-driven to the airport, their salary is tax-free and they get 30 days paid annal leave a year, as well as one free plane ticket.

Where do we sign up?

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