The Internet Can't Get Enough Of These Ballerinas Slaying a Jason DeRulo Routine

Danica Baker

What do you get when you mix a bunch of highly skilled ballerinas and Jason Derulo’s “It Ain’t Love” hit? A viral video with over 5 million views, duh!

The ridiculously talented ballerinas you see above are all aged between 12-16 and are from Home Hans Bryant’s studio at the Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center. They’re performing a new dance style called “hiplet” which was invented by their instructor, Bryant.

The video was originally posted on Bryant’s Instagram, before So Bailarinos picked it up and posted it on their Facebook page. Since then the fierce vid has raked in over 5.8 million views.

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While admittedly, it can be a little confronting to watch sixteen years olds demonstrate more skills than you’ll ever have, we promise the enjoyment factor of this video alone makes the jealousy worth it. Enjoy!