Could you figure out the ‘world’s most confusing’ roundabout?

Kristine Tarbert

Although they’re generally pretty straight forward, roundabouts can sometimes get a little nerve-wracking.

So imagine having to navigate your way across this beast of a roundabout in the rural UK town of Swindon.

The Magic Roundabout in Swindon, UK. Photo: Youtube

Dubbed the ‘Magic Roundabout’, it actually comprises of seven roundabouts in total and you can still enter and exit from any point.

Source: Giphy

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But what’s different is that this one is divided into lanes so that you might enter at one of the roundabouts but end up exiting at a completely different one after some sling shotting.

The video above shows all the routes you can take through the roundabout, which surprisingly seems to ensure a smooth flow of traffic.

Watch the video above to see all the routes you can take. Photo: Youtube

It’s also considered safer, because the traffic is moving too slowly to cause any major accidents.

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