The most brutal reactions to Ed Sheeran's GoT cameo

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Game of Thrones season 7 had its premiere last night, which of course you already knew unless you were trapped in a cave somewhere away from the Internet.

If, like the rest of us, you’ve been online since the episode dropped, you will have seen that the people of the Interwebs have many, many thoughts about what transpired – especially the appearance of singing superstar Ed Sheeran. Check out some of his cameo above!

Ed in his big Game of Thrones moment. Source: HBO

The 26-year-old popped up in Lannister garb chilling with some fellow soldiers as Arya Stark (Ed’s real-life pal Maisie Williams) rode through the Riverlands on her way to King’s Landing.

The singer chills with his Lannister mates. Source: HBO

We heard him before we saw him, singing a sweet little ditty which Arya called a “pretty song”.

“It’s a new one,” Ed cheekily replied, before Arya joined the blokes for a spot of rabbit.

Er...yum? Source: HBO

Fans of the show had some…thoughts.

But that’s not to say everyone hated his appearance on the show!

Some fans were less than impressed by Ed's cameo. Source: HBO

In fact, when Ed posted a behind the scenes pic to his Instagram account, his fans gushed over the cameo, with many leaving comments mainly consisting of love hearts and shocked emojis.

Ed posted this behind the scenes photo. Source: Instagram

“Best surprise ever!” one follower commented. “I did a little happy dance when I saw this scene!” another raved.

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Several fans have urged him to release his GoT song “Hands of Gold” as a single!

Yeah, we'd buy that.

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