The Most Colourful Party of the Year!

Eating Disorders are a serious mental health issue that affect both men and women of all ages, including over 1 in 10 young Victorian women. This disease has a mortality rate of 20%, with many dying from suicide.

Low self esteem and dieting is the greatest risk factor for the development of an eating disorder. The most common eating disorders affecting young Australian women are Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa. After developing the diseases, they can lead to problems such as: depression, malnutrition, mood swings, weakness, fainting, sleep disturbance, inability to maintain body temperature and a further distorted body image.

The Butterfly Foundation is a charitable organisation that supports Australians who suffer from eating disorders and negative body image issues. The foundation, through philanthropy and advocacy raises awareness and funds to provide early intervention, prevention, research and treatment programs. It also provides limited financial relief to sufferers in need of treatment. This year, Sportsgirl and The Butterfly Foundation are throwing the most colorful party of the year; The Butterfly Ball, to raise funds and awareness about eating disorders and negative body image.

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