This is the most expensive burger in the world

Kristine Tarbert

What’s in a $3,000 burger you might ask?

Well, only the finest and most expensive ingredients ever, of course.

It’s the creation of Dutch Chef Diego Buik, who is known as the unofficial Hamburger King of the Netherlands and decided he wanted to create something special for International Burger Day.

This burger costs $3,000! Photo: Instagram

The burger is made up of some of the most lavish ingredients you can buy, including lobster, caviar, foie gras, and truffle.

So basically he’s already spent almost $1,500 before he’s even started cooking.

“What an amazing journey this burger has brought me! This is the most expensive hamburger in the world! With wagyu, lobster, pata negra , foie gras, caviar, truffle and as you can see its top is coated in gold leaf,” Chef Diego wrote on Instagram.

The ingredients alone cost $1,500. Photo: Instagram

With his insane creation – that costs the same as 1,500 McDonald’s hamburgers - Chef Diego earned himself a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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Here’s the lowdown on what makes up this beast of a burger:

Patty: a pricey blend a Japanese dry-aged Wagyu (most expensive steak in the world), while the other is a luxurious Black Angus beef steak.

Chef Diego created the burger for International Burger Day. Photo: Instagram

Lobster: infused with Hermit Dutch Coastal gin.

Toppings: artisan Remeker cheese, Japanese fruit tomatoes and Iberian ham.

Sauce: more lobster, with Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, Madagascan vanilla, saffron, and Japanese soy.

And the brioche bun (worth $180) is covered in 24-karat gold leaf.

The bun alone is worth $180. Photo: Instagram

Ironically, Chef Diego said he would never spend that kind of money on a burger himself.

And the burger doesn't actually feature on his restaurant's menu, but he’d be willing to make it for someone if they asked.

Any free samples??

Is it worth it? Photo: Instagram

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