The most extravagant Uber Eats order of 2017

Sarah Carty

We’re all partial to a costly Uber Eats delivery from time-to-time, where our eyes are definitely way bigger than our stomachs.

But if you thought you go overboard when you place a $30 order for your favourite tacos and guacamole, then take a look at this basket, which has been hailed the most extravagant order of the year.

The biggest basket ever recorded by Uber Eats was ordered with from Entrecote restaurant in Melbourne, where the customer clearly had a craving for greasy food and sweet treats.

Source: Giphy

The massive order, which cost $1,570, consisted of eight gourmet cheeseburgers, seven smoked salmons, seven steak sandwiches, $600 worth of Beluga caviar, chevré cheese and six bombe Alaska’s. 

People ordering from Uber Eats this year were all after one specific thing that we all crave after a night out, with hot chips being the most popular dish of the year.

And if you thought your food delivery obsession was getting out of hand, then there’s one customer trumps you, by placing 126 orders in one week.

As for those of us who are partial to placing food orders after a night on the town past midnight, then the most popular snack food was the Halal Snack Pack from Kebab Hut in Melbourne 

Source: Giphy

The hungriest time of the week for Uber Eats customers was on a Friday evening at 6pm and impressively, the fastest delivery of the year was five minutes and 11 seconds for 2am McDonald's.

The busiest food delivery day of the year for Uber Eats was on 22 October after Australia beat New Zealand in the Bledisloe Cup.

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