MKR catfight boils over

Emma Shepherd

It seems the feud between Russians Olga and Valeria and sisters Jess and Emma have continued after an explosive catfight evolved at a dinner party on Thursday's episode of My Kitchen Rules.

Jess and Olga didn't hold back, firing some rather nasty words across the table to one another. They even had a stare-off, leaving other teams to awkwardly watch on.

"Olga, are you impressed with the desserts that have been served tonight?" Paleo Pete asked.

Emma And Jess and Olga and Valeria seemed to have different ideas about the dishes on Thursday night. Source: Seven
Olga didn't look impressed with Jess and her behaviour. Source: Seven

"Wait wait wait, let me guess, Olga, is 'not impressed'," Jess said in her to-camera piece, using a faux-Russian accent.

"No," Olga replied.

"I don't know what's going to impress Olga," Jess proclaimed, adding "You don't seem to be impressed by much".

Jess didn't take her eyes off Olga during the heated argument. Source: Seven

"Well cook me something that impresses me," Olga replied. "I'm happy to be impressed."

"Do you want a stare-off?" Jess asked.

The slew of words turned into an icy staring competition between the two girls, leaving the other table to watch on in dismay.

It seemed things were heating up around the dinner table and not in the kitchen. Source: Seven

"I feel like she's going to melt my face just looking at her," Emma told viewers.

"I don't know how Jess and Emma can scare anyone," Olga told the viewers, "except for their reflection in the mirror."

The teams were at the dinner party to critique Matt and Ally, and Josh and Nic's food in their sudden death cook-off.

But it seemed the pressure cooker wasn't in the kitchen – instead, it was around the table.

To watch what happens next and to keep updated on the biggest catfight in MKR history, tune in and watch My Kitchen Rules on Sunday at 7pm.

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