The new moon eclipse is the perfect time to face your fears

New Moon solar eclipse at 10 degrees in Virgo
SYDNEY: September 1, 7.03pm
LONDON: September 1, 10.03am
MONTREAL/NEW YORK: September 1, 5.03am
AUCKLAND: September 1, 9.03pm
PARIS: September 1, 11.03am

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No matter which sign you are, you need to face up to whatsoever is holding you back from achieving your dreams. Do you have a fear of success? A fear of failure?

Whatever the case, as the New Moon eclipse quickly moves to clash with Saturn, it's time for us all to face our fears head on as the best way to see them off.

As well, if you have been feeling hemmed in by rules or people who are intent on bossing you around, it's time for you to break free. The more aware of the energies you are, the better you can work with them.

Manifesting your dreams is easier now however if you have fears in your way, they will mess with your manifestations.

The New Moon eclipse brings with it an amazing chance to manifest your dreams – if you can believe it, you can achieve it! But you need to work through our fears and worries.

If you're ready to go deeper and would like to know which part of your chart the New Moon eclipse is taking place in, which angel is guiding it and more, check out our New Moon Info Sheets.

Virgo Cosmic Extras
Top 3 affirmations:
1. ‘I am more and more organised every day.’
2. ‘I give wonderful service for wonderful pay.’
3. ‘My wellbeing is my priority – I am getting back on track.’
Essential Oil to use: Tea Tree
Mantra: Hum. Chant it out loud or silently
Chakra: The Throat chakra, aka Vishudha
Angel: Metatron, the energy clearer
Goddess: Ceres, fertility Goddess
Heavenly Ray: The 6th ray, which is indigo

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