The Original BACARDI Mojito (Virgin Clubhouse Cocktails)

The Original BACARDI Mojito (Virgin Clubhouse Cocktails)

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50ml BACARDI Superior Rum
1/2 Fresh lime
12 Mint leaves
2 heaped tsp Fine white sugar (caster sugar)
Dash/spritz Dash/spritz Soda water


Cut the lime in wedges and place in a large highball glass. Add the sugar and muddle to release the lime juice. Add the mint leaves and muddle lightly again to release and combine the flavours. Top up with crushed ice. Pour BACARDI Superior Rum. Swizzle well with a barspoon to dissolve the sugar. Top up with more crushed ice. Add soda water. Stir well again to combine all the ingredients and garnish with a fresh mint sprig. Garnish with a fresh mint sprig.


Legend says that the Mojito originates from a drink called "The Draque" which was created around 1586 by one of Sir Francis Drake's Corsairs. This used Aguardiente (the crude forerunner of rum), sugar, local fresh lime and mint. In 1862, shortly after the time that Don Facundo Bacardi Massó created BACARDI Rum, the recipe for The Draque changed to rum, and the world had its first taste of the Mojito. The word Mojito is derived from the Spanish word 'Mojo', meaning little spell.

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