The Quirks And Curiosities Of Growing Up

Yahoo! NZ

Maddox and his family spent a weekend getaway on a working farm in Perrysville, Ohio. They were enjoying their time on the farm and feeding the animals, including one ornery llama. The 4-year-old feeds the llama a handful of corn and the animal just spits it back in his face. Fine then! No more corn for you! We've gotten overly excited about food more times than we can count and Finn of The Muntz Family is a baby we can relate to. His momma tells him the great news...It's dessert time! He can hardly stand the agonizing wait! Babies are hands-on learners and curious ones at that. Esther Blue De Avalos, momma of three and former RightThisMinute web producer, has the most adorable twins. What are they into this time? A door stopper!