This video poking fun at 'Kylie Jenner wannabe' beauty bloggers is the best

Carly Williams

Get ready to LOL and be slightly addicted to the life of MAC makeup artist Bianca Torino.

Vita and Michael Carbone of The Real Bloggers of Sydney , a hilarious web series that takes the p*ss out of influencers, have dropped their third episode and it’s hilair.

Meet Bianca, a MAC makeup artist who wants her own line of lip kits - just like your girl Kylie. Photo: The Real Bloggers of Sydney

Bianca is a business-minded beauty blogger who wears head-to-toe Bardot, Lovisa Jewellery, acrylic talons, and Show Pony Hair Extensions.

Her biggest influence? Kylie Jenner duh.

Actual picture of Kylie Jenner, total twin vibes with Bianca! Photo: Kylie Jenner Instagram

“My dream is to start my own line of lip kits called Lips By Torino,” Bi explains in the mockumentary.

Our fave colour would have to be the biscotti beige!

Bianca is following in her idol's footsteps! Photo: The Real Bloggers of Sydney

Watch the video at the top of the article and take in the glam world of Bianca.

She loves hanging out with her equally business savvy fiancé Marcello, showing off her new and oh-so-subtle plastic surgeries on Insta and, of course, creating her beauty tutorials.

Bianca and her hubby-to-be Marcello. They like watching the Kardashians and going to drinks at The Ivy. Photo: The Real Bloggers of Sydney

"A super simple makeup tutorial: All you need is 35 products and over two hours," she says.

So easy right?

Millenials look up to Bianca so, naturally, she gets the odd plump and pump fillers to the lips on the first Friday of every month.

Naturally, Bianca loves to look her best. Photo: The Real Bloggers of Sydney

So low key.

“I actually just got my arse done,” says Bianca.

“It was called the Brazilian butt lift and I think the results speak for themselves.”

Bi is so keen on the Kardashians, she even got butt implants #goals Photo: The Real Bloggers of Sydney
Bianca recommends using Dr. Haram! Photo: The Real Bloggers of Sydney

Finally Bianca gives fundamental social media advice to those who want to launch their online careers and become an in-fluh-en-sah.

“I always hashtag a minimum of 20 in the comments section and then delete it a couple of hours later. That way no ones knows.”

Seriously love this girl!

Thank you for the LOLs, The Real Bloggers of Sydney

This is the follow up to previous episodes which have shone the spotlight on fictional fashion blogger Delilah Hayley-Hughes Jones Delilah Hayley-Hughes Jones and photography blogger Anna Cooper.

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