The real life drain where Pennywise lives

Amy Stevenson

If you think you'll terrorised by the reboot of IT that lands in cinemas today, I took things one step further by actually going to see the drain where Pennywise lives in the Stephen King novel.

Two years ago while traveling around the States, I decided to go on the SK Tour in Bangor, Maine. Bangor is the real-life inspiration for "Derry", the fictional town in IT.

Pennywise's home... Complete with props! Source: Supplied
Poor little Georgie met Pennywise in a drain. Source: Warner Bros.

There was something eerie about Bangor that only gets creepier as you visit some of the most well-known spots that King writes about in his novels.

It was pouring rain and cold so the grey skies really set the scene as we first went to the intersection of Jackson Street where Pennywise himself lives.

That's right, we went to the storm drain where little Georgie Denbrough meets his end after attempting to save his paper boat after it gets swept away in rain.

Of course, what's a visit to Pennywise's home without props?! And boy did this tour have props.

Nothing will freak you out quicker than getting into a car and seeing this. Source: Supplied
I personally would not like to meet Pennywise in a field. Source: Warner Bros.

Along with the clown mask there was also a clown arm that you can stick into the drain and pretend you're getting pulled in. I, terrified of clowns real or fictional, opted out of that experience, however my friend who was also on the tour did not.

Next up was the town's equally creepy Mt. Hope cemetery.

Not only is this where King would spend a lot of his time writing (how fitting) but it's also where he got the inspiration for Pet Sematary.

The 1989 film adaptation was filmed there and I even saw the exact grave where King made a cameo in the movie!

The King home In Bangor, Maine. Source: Supplied
It's as spooky as you'd expect! Source: Supplied

The graveyard is massive and very hilly, with graves on top and down the sides of the steep inclines. King used to get inspiration for characters names off the headstones, from people who had passed away hundreds of years earlier.

Having spent a majority of his life in Bangor we drove past a lot of the houses where the author has lived, before getting to his current residence and it was everything that I expected and more.

The mansion, surrounded by wrought-iron gates with two-headed dragons, bats and spiders is like something out of the Addams family and exactly the place you expect Stephen King to live.

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The iron fence has spiders, dragons and bats while the mansion next door is only the guest house. Source: Supplie

What I didn't expect to see if the mansion next door, which is the King's GUEST HOUSE. That's right, no one lives there permanently, it's just for guests.

The two hour tour only cost US$45 and you're picked up at the start and delivered back to your accommodation.

Would I go on this creepy tour again? In a heartbeat!

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