The reasoning behind THAT naked pic of Jason Dundas

Olivia Morris

Jason Dundas has finally opened up about that shocking fully naked photo he posted to Instagram earlier this year.

He has revealed it was in fact to make light of many people that over-sexualise themselves on social media.

Jason Dundas has revealed the reasoning behind that fully naked photo he posted to Instagram. Source: Getty

However, he actually received a huge amount of backlash from the post so he ended up deleting it within an hour of publishing the picture.

Speaking to Confidential the TV presenter said: “I jumped on the bandwagon to poke fun, but I started getting smashed with [direct messages] saying your account is about to be ripped down.”

Feel free to 'poke fun' any time on Instagram Jason. We don't mind at all. Source: Instagram

The 35-year-old also admitted his great frustration with people posting over-sexualised photos of themselves to get a following on social media.

“I’m just so confused about it. And I’m so frustrated with people posting blatant sexuality that gets a huge following. I try to be honest, educate people, share experiences and be vulnerable,” Jason told the publication.

He deleted the photo soon after he posted it because of backlash he received on Instagram. Source: Getty

His cheeky nude post back in earlier in the year was captioned: “Clothes are overrated. Little afternoon stretch in my yoga room.”

A lot of people didn’t get the sarcasm behind the post unfortunately as he deleted it soon after.

Jason recently wrapped up his male ambassador gig with David Jones, reveals he's looking forward to watching Matty J's season of the popular dating show, but finding love on television is not on his to-do list.

Speaking to Be as he promotes his collaboration with Gumtree for its 10th anniversary campaign, the former X Factor Australia host admits he's a "softie" who wouldn't be able to keep his emotions in check during a rose ceremony.

He has the sizzling six pack, dreamy dimples and even previous reality show experience, but hunky model Jason Dundas says he could never be The Bachelor. Source: Getty

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"I would fall in love too easily. I’m a softie," he continues.

"I’m a hopeless romantic, I would go and fall in love with the first girl I meet!"

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