Revealed: The strangest new baby names

Kristine Tarbert

For many parents picking their child’s name is not an easy task.

Do you go with something traditional? Do you follow the popular trends of the time?

Choosing a baby's name can be tough. Photo: Getty

Or, maybe you’re one of those parents that wants to call their child something completely new and different.

Almost out-of-this-world you might say – bare with us.

Source: Giphy

Researchers from Nameberry have revealed the 12 most unusual new names, which appeared on their database of 10,000 ones used in 2016.

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And all of these names were used at LEAST five times. That’s right, there are five kids walking around called Galaxy (now you get it?)

Imagine being called Galaxy. Photo: Getty

The list contains some other names for boys such as Emperor and Warden.

While some girls names that may well lead to ribbing in the playground include Adorable, Reality and Avary - although the boys named Luv may have had the worst deal of all.

Remember parents; it will be their name forever (or at least until they are old enough to legally change it).

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