The surprising thing that makes men more attractive to women

Allison Yee

Forget being tall, dark and handsome – being a good storyteller is what women are attracted to, says a new study.

Research from the US found men who are good spinning yarns were seen as better relationship prospects than their average storyteller counterparts.

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“Storytelling ability appears to increase [a man's] perceived status, and thus helps men attract long-term partners,” revealed Melanie Green of the University of Buffalo and John Donahue of the University of North Carolina.

New study says women found men who were good storytellers more attractive. Photo: Getty

It’s believed this can be traced back to evolution and the need for women to “invest wisely” in finding someone who can provide for and protect them.

“Women try to identify a mate who can provide resources to any offspring,” explained Green and Donahue. “Given that women are likely to value a ‘good dad’ or provider more in long-term relationships, our findings suggest that male storytelling ability may suggest resource-gaining prowess to women – especially if good storytellers can gain higher social status.

Don’t worry ladies, there’s no need to start practicing your own storytelling skills - the study found men didn’t find the same quality as attractive in women.