The three beauty gadgets every traveller needs

Aletha Wilkinson

Talk to anyone who travels for a living, and they'll tell you that packing light is the key to success, and every trip you take is an opportunity to hone your luggage skills.

At the same time, if you're travelling for work, you want to look as put-together as possible, so you can't exactly just show up with, like, a comb and a lip balm, either.

A recent trip to the US saw me stash three new beauty tools in my carry-on luggage, and not a single one of them turned out to be a waste of space.

GHD travel hairdryer
There are few things more grim than trying to style your hair with one of those piddly little hairdryers that most hotels seem to supply – if I wanted to feel a gentle breath of warm air on the back of my neck, I wouldn't be alone in a corporate hotel room, would I. But packing your favourite hairdryer pretty much means saying sayonara to carry-on luggage only, so what are you meant to do? Take the GHD travel version, that's what. Not only does it make your hair all silky and beautiful, but it folds up teeny-tiny and it has a little switch on it that means you can adjust the voltage depending on which country you're in.
GHD Flight travel hairdryer, $99.

GHD's travel hairdryer is amazingly good in every way, basically. Source: GHD

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Foreo Luna Go face brush
If you haven't jumped on the sonic-brushing bandwagon, it's time to give in. I mean it. Sonic face brushes give you softer, smoother, brighter skin by gently exfoliating the dead skin cells without irritating the sensitive upper layers of your face. The Foreo Luna Go is a winner because: it's miniscule. About the size of a medium-sized snail, your old iPod Mini, or a box of matches. This means that not only does it fit verrry easily into the tiniest space available in your bag, but it can get into the crevices around your nose to minimise pores and grossness. It comes with a cute little drawstring bag, and charges up with a little USB cable.
Foreo Luna Go face brush, $149.

Smooth skin in under a minute with one of Foreo's teensy face brushes. Source: Foreo

Philips DiamondClean smart toothbrush
Ok, bear with me. Obviously, a normal, unpowered (manual?) toothbrush is going to take up less space than one that you have to plug in. BUT, do you want gleaming, smooth teeth that feel like you've just been to the dentist, or don't you? I think we know the answer. This toothbrush, the first one ever made that uses Bluetooth technology, comes with different heads for whitening, gum care and to brush your tongue with, as well as a slick little travel case with built-in plug for charging it up on the go. If you're at home it charges by sitting in an electric-powered glass on your handbasin. It's all-round a very impressive item, which it should be, for the price. Worth it if you want very, very clean chompers and a toothbrush that's basically smart enough to organise your entire travel itinerary for you.
Philips Sonicare DiamondClean smart toothbrush, $469.

This toothbrush is so clever, it'll pretty much pack your suitcase for you. Source: Philips

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