The best Christmas ads of 2017

Sarah Carty

While Christmas ads may be a fairly new phenomenon Down Under, the UK has been killing it for years now by pulling on everyone’s heartstrings.

In fact, Christmas doesn’t really start with the Brits until their TVs are crowded with uplifting and inspiring Christmas tales.

From the famous Coca-Cola ‘Holidays Are Coming’ red and white truck advert to the Yellow Pages ‘Misletoe’ film from way back in 1992, the small screen ads have now become a symbol of yuletide joy.

And this year it’s no different with shops from all over the world getting involved with their own festive ad.

Take a look below at some of our favourite ads from Christmas 2017.

The ad (above) features an adorable elf who has become fed up with spending Christmas with his family of decorations. However, after meeting some questionable characters in his quest to find a new crew, he realises how lucky he really is.

Air New Zealand
One of our favourite ads this year is the Air New Zealand offering. The ad sees Santa and his helper trying to decipher what the Kiwi kids are saying over the phone, which doesn’t go very well at all.

Hollywood heartthrob Euan McGregor narrates this yuletide advert, which plays out like a Cinderella story. After a woman loses her shoe on the train, a man makes it his mission to find her and reunite her with it. Of course, some festive romance ensues.

Marks & Spencer
Paddington Bear catches who he thinks is Santa Claus on the roof of his house in this Christmas ad but it’s actually a thief. By the end of the ad the robber realises what Christmas is all about.

John Lewis
The UK department shop is known for its heartbreaking Christmas ads. This year a little boy finds a monster underneath his bed and makes friends with him. The classic Beatles song, Golden Slumbers, even features in the ad.

McDonald's has gone all out to pull on our heartstrings this year with their Christmas ad. It shows a father and daughter who go to McDonalds, with the little girl deciding to keep her carrot stick for the reindeer. However, when she gets home and her older brother tells her that’s there’s more than one reindeer, she’s devastated.

Kevin the carrot is back this year in the ALDI‘s festive offering. Last year he was a snowman’s nose but this year he goes on a train journey where he meets the love of his life.

Heathrow Airport
Perhaps the cutest ad of them all is Heathrow Airport’s offering, which details the whole love story of two elderly bears. You need to see this one in it’s entirety.

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