Tricky number puzzle stumping the internet

Allison Yee

If you pride yourself on being able to solve riddles no matter how tough, this one could leave you stumped for a while.

Testing not only your brain skills, but your eyesight too (better get those glasses on), the latest puzzle from Playbuzz asks users to spot the missing number in a sequence from one to 49.

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This puzzle sounds pretty simple, right?

How quickly can you find the missing number? Photo: Playbuzz

Well, how about trying to do that without running through the numbers in order.

That's right, forget about working your way along the line of numbers, it's all about simply looking at this page and trying to see which one is missing.

The challenge is to not let the digits all run together and get muddled, while figuring out which of those pesky numbers has been left out of the sequence.

For those with eagle eyesight, it might not take you long to realise that number 32 is the culprit.

The answer is elusive - but right in front of you the whole time. Photo: Playbuzz

How long did it take you?

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