Viewers slam Delta for 'revealing' outfit

Josephine Rozenberg-Clarke

Not an episode of The Voice goes by without coach Delta Goodrem copping some sort of criticism, and this week’s live show was no different!

The 32-year-old was attacked on social media for her “revealing” choice of outfit.

This dress seemed to offend the show's viewers! Source: Instagram

Viewers took to Twitter to air their grievances at the "inappropriate" choice of dress.

Delta paid no mind to the haters, proudly flaunting her look on Instagram where the response was much more supportive.

Delta showed the frock off on social media. Source: Instagram

Her followers called her “stunning” and a “goddess”, with one fan posting: “Favourite look of the season...has that JLO look to it but uniquely Delta. Love it. My mother & I are both still gushing over it [sic].”

The star, who is the longest-serving Voice coach with six seasons under her belt, has been slammed by viewers for everything from flirting with contestant Tim Conlon to the way she pressed the red button during blind auditions.

Viewers thought she was about to have a

On-set “sources” have also claimed that Delta acts like a diva during filming, prompting the singer to dismiss the reports in an interview with News Corp published on the weekend.

“It’s become relentless. I’ve had so many baby shocks and engagements, some of them you just have to laugh off,” Delta told the outlet. “But you get these stories trying to wreck your career and your professional reputation. My intention is to lift people up and make them happy.”

Delta has hit back at haters in an interview with News Corp. Source: Instagram

The star takes particular offence to the reporting of her alleged “diva demands”.

“Any diva accusations are so unfounded. Can’t you sell a story with facts? The fact is we work hard at being good role models.

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“I wouldn’t haven been at The Voice for six years if I was such a diva!”

Well, the lady has a point!

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