The most brutal ways people have been dumped

Sarah Norton

Last night Australia watched as sweetheart Nikki Gogan got dumped on national television to become the runner-up on The Bachelor.

Hearts broke nationwide as every man and woman watching could relate to the pang in Nikki's heart from sheer rejection. We cared because we've all been there.

But you're not alone Nikki! We've all been there. In fact, here's some horror break-up stories to sink your teeth into.

We've all been there Nikki. Source: Channel Ten

False start

I was once asked out by a guy, but the night beforehand he called me while I was at the gym leaving a message that he had met someone else and was cancelling our date. The FIRST date. That was brutal.

Home visits

I recently dated someone and things were going really well and getting quite serious. When I needed to go back to the country to visit my family he asked to come along so he could meet them all. We had a great weekend and there were no signs that he felt overwhelmed or wasn't feeling the feelings anymore, actually it was quite the opposite. But the following Monday morning I got a TEXT MESSAGE breaking up with me while I was at the gym. That hurt.

Rejection hurts. Source: HBO

The festival ghost

I once agreed to meet up with a guy I'd been chatting to a few times online at a music festival. We didn't have much in common, but he was a complete babe and an underwear model, so why not?! After speaking to him for 20 minutes or so (what felt like an eternity!), the conversation was so incredibly tedious that I pretended to duck off to the toilet...and ditched him. I walked past that same spot 40 minutes later and he was still sitting there.

Spelling is everything

I’d been fooling around with a guy for a couple of months. He’d wanted something more serious, I hadn’t been that keen. Then one day when we were lying in bed, I suddenly realised I liked him a whole lot more than I thought, but I was too scared of rejection to tell him outright. Instead, I spent days crafting a beautiful email declaring my love in a very un-creepy way. I nervously sent it to him and waited. And waited. And waited. About four days in, my bestie bumped into him and went nuts at him for not replying. The next day I finally received my response: “Sox for the delayed reply. Swamped at work.” Sox. SOX! The oaf couldn’t even be bothered to spell check before he sent it. Poor form buddy.

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Once a cheater, always a cheater

I dated a guy for three years and he dumped me, without warning, by saying, "I don't want to be with you anymore". When I asked why, he said sternly, "I don't need to explain". Three weeks later I found out he'd been seeing another girl behind my back for about four months! They then dated for four years until he did the same thing to her. Her and I bonded over that 'man' years later over many shots of tequila.

Things literally went to s**t

I’d been dating this boy for a few years but decided it was time to spread my wings and experience life living overseas. My boyfriend didn’t want to make the move so we danced around what was going to happen with us until the last night before I was meant to head to the airport. We slept together for the last time, and I found it heartbreakingly sad and was in desperate need of a cuddle afterwards. Meanwhile, he’d jumped up and headed to the bathroom, presumably to er, take care of himself, but when he hadn’t come back in 10 minutes, I went searching. Turns out he really needed to poop so had decided to forgo our very last post-sex snuggles for time on the toilet. That’s when I knew we were done.

The bro

You know that guy you could never get enough of and you couldn't really get over? The bro that says 'come over' and you drop everything to be there. I was so into him I once bailed on a scheduled spray tan to go see him, which was an epic deal for my 23-year-old self. One day I sat perched on the end of his bed after a shagging session and told him I wanted to be his proper girlfriend. He flat out told me he didn’t want anything like that and asked me to leave!

Got any of your own to share?

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