There's a full moon eclipse coming - here's how it will affect you

Yasmin Boland

This month brings a Full Moon eclipse – that's huge news for us all!

The Full Moon is all about peaking and releasing the old: letting go of lower energies that come from upsets or any negative events, as well as negative patterns you may have fallen into.

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Full Moons are about releasing toxic thoughts, habits, ways of being and, indeed, toxic people. It’s culmination time. It’s letting-go and clean-slate time.

Full Moon time is when we should release the things we don’t want: guilt, fear, disappointment, jealousy – anything that’s counterproductive. Once we are energetically clear we are more able to manifest our dreams!

And the Full Moon eclipse we have this month? It's all that on steroids!

FULL MOON ECLIPSE IN AQUARIUS – here are the times around the world
Full Moon at 26 degrees in Aquarius
SYDNEY: August 18, 7.26pm
LONDON: August 18, 10.26am
MONTREAL/NEW YORK: August 18, 5.26am
AUCKLAND: August 18, 9.26pm
PARIS: August 18, 11.26am

This Full Moon is especially good for Aries, Geminis, Leos, Librans, Sagittarians and Aquarians, but it’s more challenging for everyone else.

◗ The energy is… Ushering in change and progress.

◗ Top 5 questions
1. Have I been pragmatic to the point of losing the romance of life?
2. Have I been living too much in my head and not enough in my heart?
3. Have I been trying to do things my way, just for the sake of it?
4. Have I been trying too hard to befriend people, and for the wrong reasons?
5. Have I allowed myself to move forwards this month?

◗ The Message of the Full Moon:
It’s time to detach and let go. Really.
◗ Find a balance between…
Trying to be all things to all people vs having real relationships.
◗ Forgive:
Perform a ‘Full Moon forgiveness ceremony’. Write your forgiveness list and then burn it. For more info about this, please see my book Moonology – info here
◗ Be grateful
Write your gratitude list and then burn it.

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