There's link between cheating and the weather, says study

Jennifer Fletcher

There’s a time of year that people are more likely to cheat.

According to new research from extra-marital affairs dating website IllicitEncounters, love rats are twice as likely to cheat on their significant others when they’re feeling a bit down in the dumps.

And this may be directly linked to the weather.

There's a link between cheating and the weather. Source: Getty

60 per cent of people in the survey said that they were more likely to stray in the winter months.

In the past, scientists have linked mood and colder weather, as it’s believed we begin to feel more depressed as the amount of sunlight in our day decreases.

People are more likely to cheat in winter. Source: Getty

“The clocks going back afford us more time in bed, but they allow for a lot more when it comes to adultery,” says Christian Grant from IllicitEncounters.

“Pitch black afternoons aren’t exactly joyful, especially for those who wait long hours at home for their partner to return from work, and it’s in these moments of upsetting reflection that someone may realise how fractured their marriage is.

"As a result, they decided to warm up their cold, dark afternoons, with a steamy affair being the perfect remedy."

But it’s not just people who are feeling down about the weather that embark on an affair. Apparently, wearing more layers helps cheaters meet up!

The cold weather makes you more inconspicuous. Source: Getty

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“An affair won’t happen if it can’t,” Christian adds.

“What I mean by that is, if someone has no alibi - no decent excuse to leave the house - and they’re fearful of getting caught, they won’t take that risk – the consequences are too great.

"The darker days lend to this quite well, as does the colder weather. You can wrap up well, covering your face with a ski mask if you really want to, and few would bat an eyelid; you’ve got a bit more anonymity to meet your secret lover, which is particularly important for those who cheat close to home and are more prone to spotting a familiar face."

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