These travel hacks will save you valuable vaycay time

Rebekah Scanlan

Travelling can be a huge adventure, but it also has the potential to be one big stress fest.

To help you swerve a holiday headache, we’ve compiled our top time saving travel hacks to make sure you get more time enjoying your vaycay and not sweating the small stuff.

Your time is extra valuable when you're on your hols. Source: Getty

Fight that jetlag

Snag yourself a memory foam pillow to guarantee some Zzz and save needing rest when you land.

Arriving at your destination sleep deprived and jet-lagged is a travel rookie mistake.

Take advantage of airports and your long-haul flight by getting some valuable sleep. Source: Getty

But investing in a quality cushion like this luxe Memory Foam Neck Pillow from Globie, RRP $29.95, can completely transform your journey.

It’s by far the simplest and one of the best travel hacks and can give you hours more time on the ground exploring and enjoying yourself.

Transform everyday locations into recharging spots with a memory foam travel pillow. Source: Supplied

Get your holiday vids organised fast

Love to film your travel adventures, but never have time to deal with the hours of footage? Us too.

But we’ve sussed out a snazzy new app that lets you upload your GoPro footage on your phone – and upload amazing videos straight to your social media. Hell yeah!

Use your downtime to quickly make videos of your adventures. Source: Supplied

GoPro’s Quik Stories app saves you having to download and edit footage on a computer, which we all know is #timeconsuming.

Available for iOS and Android phones, this video editor lets you create elegant videos, with music, transitions and more, in a matter of minutes.

You can literally play with your footage anywhere, no computer needed. Source: Supplied

The app is free too and works with all footage, shot on phones or rival action cameras! Happy days.

Make sure you check out the video Be made on an adventure around Sydney using the app above!

Now where did I put my.... Source: Getty

Never lose your valuables

If you’re anything like us, then chances are you’ll lose something important along the way. Passport, keys, luggage – we’ve lost HOURS hunting for these items.

Well fear no more, we’ve found the time saving solution of your dreams and it’s called Tile.

This clever piece of technology, which retails at $50, is the leading location device and helps locate missing items using your phones Bluetooth signal.

This nifty gadget will help you find items you've misplaced. We all need one. Source: Supplied

Just attach them to your valuables, and relax.

Carry a keep cup

Us Aussies love our coffee, so having a reusable cup you can take on the go would be super handy on your hols.

Coffee and holidays are a match made in heaven. Source: Getty

The KeepCup LongPlay, RRP $34, is the perfect container for the job, as it has a twin-walled design that keeps drinks warm and offers protection for your hands against the heat.

It’s great in sunnier climates too as it works the same way with cool beverages, meaning you can sling a refreshing ice tea (or wine, who are we to judge) and off you go.

Get your coffee to go and have more time exploring, with a KeepCup. Source: Supplied

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Pack it up

Last but not least, we love packing cubes for maximising time.

Keep your belongings organised and save having to rifle through your luggage with these Globite Packing Cubes, RRP $29.95.

Cute and very, very handy. Source: Supplied

Not only will they keep you organised while on the road, but once you’re home you can use them in drawers, bags and even at the beach as they keep pesky sand out.

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