This 'family sized' bed is big enough to fit parents and children

Bianca Soldani

The holy grail of beds is here, and it’s a real behemoth.

A company in the US have started making beds that are twice the size of a standard Australian king. Yes, TWICE as big.

The bed, that measures 3.6 metres across and a standard 2 metres deep, is ‘family sized’ which makes it incredibly difficult to squeeze into a room, but ideal for co-sleeping parents.

This bed is 3.6 metres wide and perfect for co-sleeping families. Photo: Ace

The somewhat controversial practice of co-sleeping with multiple children is different from co-sleeping with a baby.

It’s common for new parents to share a bed with their baby, especially when breastfeeding, but it’s always recommended that the baby only sleeps with its parents, and not alongside siblings or pets for safety reasons.

But a structure of this size seems made to fit multiple, older kids.

The 'family sized' bed is twice the size of a king. Photo: Ace

It certainly isn’t for everyone, but the people who swear by co-sleeping with their older kids it say it makes them feel more secure, and closer as a family.

Radio host and mum-of-three Chrissie Swan is a fan, and explained why in a Facebook post last year.

“Of all the things in the parenting books that I read and tried to implement, the one thing I'm so glad I eventually ignored was the ‘never let your kids sleep with you’ rule,” she wrote.

Chrissie Swan and her partner sleep in a room with king and queen sized beds pushed together to fit their kids. Photo: Instagram

“They're big enough to go to bed in their own beds but they always, always end up wedged between me and [my partner] Chris.

“Waking up with them next to me and watching them as they sleep in, and feeling their warm little bodies and bony knees in bed at night next to mine is honestly one of my life's greatest joys.”

Co-sleeping families who can’t get their hands on one ginormous family-sized bed, often end up lining multiple beds together and hoping that no one gets lost down the cracks, so they’ll absolutely love this family sized mode.

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