This Horse Is Going Viral for Having the Most Beautiful Hair In The World

Julie Ricevuto

A real life Black Beauty has been found, and naturally, he’s already breaking the Internet.

Frederik the Great, a rare Friesian horse living in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, has been named the world’s most handsome horse due to his fantastic mane and muscular build.

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See for yourself:

(Image courtesy of Facebook/Frederick the Great)
(Image courtesy of Facebook/Frederick the Great)

The Prussian-named horse (who’s breed has almost gone extinct three times already) has become an internet sensation, winning himself a Facebook fan page of more than 13,500 followers and a nickname of the “Storybook Stallion.”

Although the internet picked up on him back in 2012, his popularity has only recently begun to soar due to multiple production companies being interested in him doing movie appearances (he hasn’t made his debut just yet!).

With a mane rivaling the hair of famous men like Italian heartthrob Fabio, we can see why he’d be perfect for the big screen:

(Image courtesy of Facebook/Frederick the Great)
(Image courtesy of Facebook/Frederick the Great)

Fans of the horse have taken to social media to show their devotion and shock at seeing images of the horse, “OMG, just can’t believe what my eyes are seeing, wondrous,” one fan said on Facebook.

“One of the most breathtaking, incredible. Beautiful, spell bounding [sic], impressive, magnificent horses on this Earth,” wrote another.

But that’s not the least of it. Some people are so moved by Frederik that getting a picture of him just isn’t enough: Instead, they choose to take their wedding pictures with him, which does make for some rather fairytale-like photos.

(Image courtesy of Facebook/Frederick the Great)

And if you thought Frederik couldn’t get any greater, he recently welcomed his first offspring to the world, in August 2015, making them quite the hair-envy inducing pair.

“Frederik will contribute so many attributes to his offspring some of which would include height, performance potential, wonderful temperament, conformation, excellent gaits, smooth transitions,a great willingness to work, very strong black gene, and tons of HAIR,” his owner said of the colt.

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but we can see a big future for both Frederik and his miniature offspring. Possibly a Game of Thrones cameo? Only time will tell.